Repaired Lead Main Water Line & New Ball Valve
Repaired Lead Main Water Line & New Ball Valve

Household plumbing pipes, drain pipes, and sewer lines can all begin to leak.

Leaks can range from a minor drip to a burst pipe that’s flooding an area of your home, but either way, water leaking from your plumbing is never good news.

Although major leaks can make themselves noticeable right away, smaller drips can persist for weeks or months unnoticed, slowly wasting water and damaging their surroundings.

A & E Sewer & Water Service specialize in sewer leak repairs & drain pipe leak repairs in Regina.

Our team of plumbers are all trained in how to plumbing-water-leak-repair-identify and fix leaks, which can have any of several different causes.

We also offer general plumbing pipe leak repair.

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